Time to crossover to lend a helping hand: Spike Cassidy Cancer Relief Fund

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Written By: Rene
May 01 2012

spike cassidy in concert with D.R.I. photo by Jana Perry

Back in '82, in Texas, one of the greatest hardcore/crossover bands in history came into being. Founded by a Yankee kid from New York by the name of Spike Cassidy and the Brecht Brothers; Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, D.R.I., would go on to unleash a furious punk rock energy which was equaled by very few.

D.R.I. soon evolved and, (as the term goes from their seminal album "Crossover"), had crossed over into a metallic sound which united both ends of the extreme underground music scene; bringing together headbangers and punx into the flailing vortex of epic mosh pits.

There are few metalheads or punks who haven't been touched by the music of this band, there are even fewer of us who don't have at least one album, or have been to at least one show...how many of you have cranked "I don't need society", "Misery Loves Company", "No Sense", "Mad Man", "Busted Again", "On My Way Home", "The Five Year Plan", "I.D.K.Y.", "No Religion", "Gone Too Long", "Suit and Tie Guy", "Thrashard", "Enemy Within", "Gun Control", "Tone Deaf", "Paying to Play", "They Don't Care", "Girl With A Gun", "Sucker" and, of course, "Who Am I?" to the point where your eardrums were gonna burst?

But, even with so many lives touched and with albums sold to the four corners of the earth, times are tough; as you know Spike has gone to war with cancer, and each time it rears its ugly head, he puts up his dukes and beats it back into remission. This latest 12 rounder found Spike having to undergo serious surgery which removed his colon and large intestine, he suffered infection and had to undergo yet another surgery here recently. And if that wasn't enough, one more surgery is scheduled for the coming months!

You all know Spike has the will and power to overcome his adversary, but the costs of the healthcare he received is one hell of a burden for anybody to bear. Now, take just a moment to think about this; how many of us are parents? Have you ever had to take your kid to the doctor for something like an earache or even sore throat? How about something more serious like a trip to the ER for a broken arm? Do you remember how much it cost when the bills came in? Now, how much do you think a series of surgeries and cancer treatment costs?

Here is an opportunity to help out an entire band, not just Spike, because the sooner he can get out from underneath the distracting and asphyxiating stress of medical bills and get to centering himself on getting well, the sooner D.R.I. can continue on with what they do best; and that's play some kick ass rock n roll!

So, if you could, try to lend a helping hand to Spike and his family; there are several ways you can do it, you can donate here, you can go on over to the ongoing auctions at EBAY and score some awesome memorabilia/merch and even, if times are tough for you and yours, you can take a moment or two to share this information with friends and family, go to the Spike Cassidy Cancer Relief Fund page on Facebook give it a like and share it across the interwebs, tell folks about the Spike Cassidy website...simply let as many people know that Spike could use a helping hand.

If you have any questions on how to donate or other ways to help and contribute, if you'd like to hold a fund raiser, organize benefit shows, you can write the Spike Cassidy Cancer Relief Fund directly

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