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BAND: Speedwolf
ALBUM: Ride With Death
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Dec 01 2011

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Holy fuggin' shyte! This album just tears it apart! Speedwolf is a mad combo of punk and metal...touches of Discharge mashed onto vinyl with Lemmy's fist!

Heavy riffs, with mind-blowing beats, shredded into a thousand hooks makes this album one of the most intense releases I've heard this year, I mean how the fug to you go about explaining that each track seamlessly blends the best of hardcore, the crunch of thrash and the rhythms of in your mug, Motorhead styled heavy metal rock n roll?!

I have heard of these Denver dudes from our own brutal task master Josh "Mosh" Lent, but I had no idea had truly radical this band is! The changes are sublime, the aggression perfect and the constant energy has enough Amperes to kill ya!

The album opens up with the track "Speedwolf", which just crushes, and right off the bat there is no denying that this album is going to smash you into dust. The great thing is that it doesn't let up through all twelve songs; "Up All Night", "Out On Bail", "I Am The Demon" right through to the last "Denver 666" are all monster anthems which has the same might as the knuckles of a 6' 10", 310 pound pit enforcer shattering your jaw...ah, not exactly a pleasant comparison, but what the hell man, this disk simply kicks your arse!

This is one of those albums, where you don't know whether to mosh, bang your head or just play air guitar along with each track...there is such a wide appeal here...you HAVE to check this album out; it'll have you howlin' at the moon for more! Hell, even the cover artwork is cool, I dig it's etch-like style, and ya gotta love dem wolves cruising on their hogs; the leader with torch in hand ready to burn your town to the ground!

speedwolf ride with death album art

I can't wait to hear what these Mile High Madmen have up their sleeve when their next release hits the shelves...in the meantime, I am going to blow my woofers to Speedwolf's Ride With Death!

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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