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BAND: Söft Dov
ALBUM: Deathblast Demo
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
Jul 14 2012

Man, this is a ripper if there ever was one, almost as if it had been recorded during a show, these guys tear through ten songs in just over eleven minutes! The intense d-beat mayhem is to be expected when you realize these Garden State crushers have played with such notable outfits like Kicking Spit, Pregnant, A.N.S., Mirrors & Wires, Seasick, and Down In Flames.

Heavily laden d-beat goodness and extreme aggression, there is a taste of the oldschool which permeates the album like the blood stains on a old Huntington Beach dancefloor.

Ian Thompsen is the pipes behind this, screaming it out with killer punk defiance and crust growls; hints of Ian MacKaye and Bill Damon coming through in his unique blend. The guitar on this sounds, at times, like it's channeling the spirit of Greg Ginn, even thought the maestro ain't dead. Sick bass lines, pounding beats round up the formula of full bore mosh madness.

Söft Dov really unleashes a wall of unbridled fury as fast as the fists in a b-grade kung fu flick...smashing good fun for all will be had.

The nice thing about this, is the album is free! So, what does that mean? If you haven't guessed yet, then you are one stupid, stingy-assed bastid! You need to download, jam it, get on over to their FB page and click that little like button and start yer tongue a wagging...tell everyone you know!


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