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YEAR: 2010

King of Drunk Records

Written By: Attucks
Jul 05 2011

Kapow! This record blasts right out of the gates fucking full speed ahead! I think SMD play as fast as you possibly can with out it turning into grind core. Rito is nuts on his drums and shows it off here.

These guys are pure thrashing punk rock L.A. style. If you are already a fan of these guys then this one won't disappoint...Well maybe a little since it's just a 7 inch and not a full length. It's over so quick! Imagine yourself insanely wasted at a party and you are blacked out but still standing, yelling obscenities at your friends. Then you know what SMD sounds like. They are reminiscent of a more aggressive VERBAL ABUSE (not the metal Verbal Abuse). This is a great in your face, crushing recording that is nice and loud without being too blown out.

The guitar tone grinds out like a chain saw, complete with raging high speed solos. Maury's vocals fly out of his throat faster than I can read the lyrics! In their four, raging songs Maury tackles a few different subjects, starting with religion in the track 'Won't Sell Myself',to how much fun touring can be in the song 'One for the Road'. SMD has been holding down the L.A. scene for a few decades now and I have a couple of the other full length records they have put out over the years (and they always shred!). This latest release is a nice addition to their discography.

Next up is DIMINISHING DEVICED.  DD is from the O.C., but don't let your weak ass stereotypes deceive you. DD play pure energetic, kick ass punk rock. I don't think there is a slow beat on their side of the wax. All fast and in your face. The super crazy opening scream by Jerm gives you a taste of the brutality that awaits you. Jerm's vocals go from shouting to more high pitched screaming as he iterates about how fucked up politics and society are. DD even find time during their high speed assault for cool sing along choruses, "Fuck all of your bullshit, fuck all your lies!". At times DD remind me a little of TOXIC NARCOTIC with a more high pitched singer. The recording is a little cleaner on this side of the vinyl but matches perfect with SMD and makes for one fucking bad ass record. This is my first time hearing DD and I'm way stoked, I can't wait to hear some more.

The record cover art work is awesome, it is a gate fold that depicts every kind of crazy bastard dancing in the pit. From zombies to a guy in a chicken costume.

Punk, Metal, Hardcore vinyl records and Distribution from PATAC Records
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