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BAND: Skeleton Witch
ALBUM: Forever Abomination
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Oct 24 2011

skeleton witch band portrait

Goddamn sub-genres, I mean seriously, there are so many which people come up with in order to classify bands; I'm amazed some fuggin' genius hasn't come up with " Crusty Thrash Crab Punk Grungecore" yet!

But, when you get a listen to Skeleton Witch you begin to understand where they are comin' from. I think the current label of preference is "blackened thrash", hell if that's the case, I'd prefer to call them "carbonized thrash"...they have always had the brilliance of some of the great thrash masters, but man their lyrics are as dark as the deepest pit of Hades!

Forever Abomination, surpasses almost all the albums which came before it, and tracks like "The Infernal Resurrection", "Shredding Sacred Flesh", and the delightfully devious opening "This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)" hold their ground against songs like "Fire From The Sky", "The Skullsplitter", "Limb From Limb" and "Crushed Beyond Dust".

Why did I describe "This Horrifying Force" as being devious? As the song begins, you are greeted by the soothing sound of an acoustic guitar, delicate plucking of strings, which fill the imagination with a "lightness" there is nothing dark to it. But about 16 seconds in, you hear the faint beat of a bass drum, like the light resonance of a battering ram smashing against the far off gates of the keep in which you and your guests are enjoying the music of a minstrel. The beats become more frequent, you recognize it for what it is; the impeding violence which is about to ensue. Then comes Chance's unmistakable growl backed by newcomer Dustin Boltjes' blast beats, Nate and Scott's Guitars come onto the scene with such a fury you immediately feel as if you are being swarmed; there is nowhere to run, Evan Linger's bass lines are pummeling you as you try to seek cover! It ends much as it had begun, an acoustic, a fading bass if a goblin army has gotten what it came for and is marching off into the distance. You feel like you've just been beaten to a pulp and left on the floor to die; a pure metal beat down...and that's a good thing.

What's cool about Skeleton Witch, is that they haven't forgotten how important, and I always say this, rhythm is to music; they are going full bore, but you are hearing some sick rhythms like those of the early thrash days. A lot of metal this past decade seems to be nothing more than a contest of tempo, a game of one-upmanship to see who can play tighter and faster ...damn, I always find myself repeating this!

If you have ever enjoyed what these guys have done before, from the legendary "Worship The Witch" EP to "Breathing The Fire" you will not be disappointed; demon's growls, crunchy rhythm guitar, insane technical leads and kick ass headbangin' beats with a pure moshpit rhythm are going to lay your soul to waste!

Skeletonwitch - The Making of "Forever Abomination," part 1 by ProstheticRecords

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