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BAND: Six In Line
ALBUM: God Fukn Blez EP
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Aug 19 2011

sweden's six in line thrash metal band in concert

You know every once in awhile you get the chance to hear a young band that shows incredible promise; you know, the ones in your local scene that the kids put their hope and dedication into as fans to see them triumph?  We've all seen these types of bands at one time or another, some of us have lived in huge cities where the population was bordering on a million inhabitants, and  others with a population of ten thousand, but there seemingly was always those bands who had a cult-like following to help give them a fighting chance to go the distance.

And Six In Line, a group of guys in the prime of life from the relatively small town of Helsingborg, Sweden with a population of 97k on the southern tip of Sweden, is one such band.  There is no way in Hell(singborg), these guys don't have a group of dedicated locals following them wherever they go.

My introduction with Six In Line began with an email from our Ed, which simply read: " Do you want to review this? ".  Though, I am told they are a thrash outfit with a bit of death thrown in, I've heard that description before and I found myself hoping to the heavens that I wasn't about to sit through another session of gloom.

I look at the first track "Caravan of Entrails", and I immediately get cold chills running down my spine, I am not a huge fan of Death Metal, there are only a handful of bands that I like;  I roll the track, boom! my fears are immediately melted away with a furious rush of good 'ol blast beats!  The aggressive riffs are reminiscent of the early 80's San Francisco thrash metal school of mixing hardcore punk with the power chords of metal.

The next track "Diemension" starts off with an air raid siren; dunno why, but, even though it's so heavily overused, I've always liked that type of opening, as if the song which is to follow will bomb your senses into submission with the same brutal ferocity as a B-52; and it doesn't disappoint! Hampuss Hansson, who works the kit for these guys, keeps the beat fast, a surefire pit generator of thrash!

The next song "Indiscriminate Fire", opens with riffs straight out of Greg Ginn's repertoire! I don't know enough about these guys to know if it's Jonathon Von Swaan or Adrian Seifi who leads us into the song, but either way, the guitar work on this album is not bad at all.  I love how the band switches up the left and right channel of the vocal's during the refrain.

Finally we come to the last track, "Romancing the Dead", ah man, this song really sums it up for me, it is the perfect blend of hardcore punk and thrash metal styles!  I can't really support sound which doesn't mesh seamlessly and isn't chockfull of a rhythm which makes me want to either bang my head, jump into the pit... or both! Six In Line has got it all here for you; a solid tempo ,bassist Matthew McCarron Just keeps tight with Hampuss, even throwing in a tasty solo, the guitars throw out a couple ripping leads, and all fronted by solid vocals.  Speaking of which, Kaptain Nuke, growls out his lyrics throughout the album, but without overdoing it like some kind of satanic cookie monster on crack.  He keeps to Mustaine's singing formula of early thrash.

I looked into Six In Line further and what I think is really cool about them, is that they are relative youngsters, they are obviously enjoying life and not taking their "image" too seriously but, rather, concentrating on their music. How many times have you seen talentless metal bands or, even hardcore bands, work on their image, of how they dress, their hair (whether liberty spikes or feathered) much more than their music?  Bands who put out horrible tunes, yet believe themselves to be gods?  Not so with Six In Line, you just get a feeling that they are having a blast.  These guys, if given the time, the support and if they have the will, to perfect their music without falling into the traps of scam-artist promoters, shitty labels and drug/alcohol addiction, could really make a place for themselves in the thrash world.

So in summary, Six In Line needs their following to go international, 'cause I think they deserve it. Why not head on over to their Facebook page and say hi?

Good show guys, great album, continue to be yourselves and good luck!

Six In Line live @ Bara Rock 5/6/2011 by Bertil Säfsten

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