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BAND: Space In Time
ALBUM: Space In Time
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Jun 28 2011

This beauty jumps right off with the "hook" and delivers straight epic jams. I could see how less educated people would lump this band in with the stoner metal sound. The pure lack of stoner metal is what makes this disc jam. This style of rock creeps up from the foggy under belly of the early seventies. Pre -metal, some might say. My 7th grade art teacher referred to it as acid rock. Straight from the roots this is grown. With obvious influences such as MOUNTAIN, DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW.

This could have been easily released in 73'. We even get the treat of hearing a great cover of URIAH HEEP's classic' Easy Living' off of Demons and Wizards. These guys even have that blaring, raging organ sound that dances back and forth with the guitarist's catchy leads, reminiscent of Lord and Blackmore all the fucking way! Each song really stands out and you can hear the influences as you go. The first song brings to mind DUST if a throatier Ian Gillian was singing, where the next is more evil and darker ala BLUE OYSTER CULT. Great tempo changes with cool breakdowns and nice twists and the flow is signature of that old pre metal style.

The fact is, those old bands tried really hard to be good and show off their talents when they got a chance to do a record. Rarely if ever do I hear bands bring it like this anymore. Cool guitar solos, banging drum fills, actual singing and that fucking killer organ. Bad ass! One of my favorites is 'Sea Worthy', I swear Ronnie James Dio wrote the lyrics to this one. Great cover art depicting the story of life and time. These guys hail from Denver and the locals know them from all the other projects they have been in over the years. I wouldn't believe it if you told me that some of these guys play grindcore in their spare time but if you if get the c.d. you won't know anything about the band at all. No thanks list or who plays what, just lyrics over weird blurry pictures.

The only real down fall to this recording is the fact that I have to listen to it on c.d. and not on wax, where it belongs!!! Well, I don't care how cliché it is, this one is what I have blasting during my morning bong toke session. I really look forward to hearing more from these mile high masters of rock.

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