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BAND: Short Changed
ALBUM: We Will Bury You
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rick
Jan 26 2013

This is their second release, but first with new vocalist Hekka Bekka who fits in with the band perfectly with her great vocals. There are fifteen songs on here as well as being on orange vinyl and having only five hundred made.

This is a full on rager of an album from the word go, non-stop hardcore with a ton of energy and great, fun lyrics as well. This band really seemed to get a boost with their new singer and it really shows on this album, they play tighter, more focused, some great guitar, throbbing bass, forceful drumming and the great vocals all add to a great restart for this band. While reading the lyric sheet, there are a bunch of really cool and fun lyrics on here which always adds to the enjoyment of blazing hardcore, you can't always be serious now kids, you need humor, not goofy hardcore, just fun hardcore.

This really impressed me with the maturity and skill that this band has shown on this release. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from them in the future and hope it's as good as this, if not even better. Take a look at their Facebook page and show them some love


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