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BAND: Shaved Women
ALBUM: Shaved Women
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rick
Oct 02 2012

This band from St. Louis, MO has some nice old school hardcore on this release with twelve songs and five of them live. You can hear the energy of this band as soon as you start listening, and the production is pretty good on here, giving you the power of this band.

They really get the fun started right away and play fairly tight on the studio songs, the live songs are way too sloppy and muddy sounding on here. They do give you an idea of the band live, but I wish they would have got a better recording of the songs or just left them off completely, it would have been a tighter release that way. The last three live songs go on far too long and are just a cacophony of noise.

This is mostly a good release, just skip the live songs unless you are a huge fan, they really won't be much interest to most people, but I am looking forward to more studio tracks from this band and hope the next release is all studio or at least a good live recording. This band has a lot going for it and they deserve to have people hear them in the best light.


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