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BAND: Seeker
ALBUM: Death Tax (Demo)
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Sep 20 2011

Remember when Thrasher was almost as much about punk rock as it was skateboarding?  Damn, I learned about so many new bands from Pushead's column, that's where all the best stuff was.  The other record reviews usually had some good stuff in there too.  And the Thrasher Skate Rock comps?  Hell yeah, a great place to hear new hardcore and skatepunk.

It's on one of those legendary comps where SEEKER would have fit perfectly.   Their skate-punk sound would have been right at home there alongside bands like MASS APPEAL, THE BONELESS ONES and a slew of other great bands.

SEEKER's hardcore is fast with touch a melody in the mix, not really enough to pull them out the thrash bin and into melodic hardcore territories but enough to probably gain a wider acceptance.

Two vocalists handle the main vocal duty and trade off on taking the spotlight from song to song.  The one guy is more has more of a snotty thrash-punk sound whereas the other dude sounds a little goofy, kind of like Joey Shithead and certainly the dude from the DICKs.

There's a few "ahhhs" and "ohhhh's"  as a lot of California hardcore is known for sporting, but they make no attempt to harmonize thus keeping it hardcore and not all wishy washy.

I expected the songs about drinking ('My Medicine') but was pleasantly surprised that there was a socio-political element running through their lyrics as well ('Misguided Revelry') and on the track 'Fall Asleep' they question Christianity and how our nation is governed by God.

Overall the lyrics taka a personal and positive stance in the face of what otherwise could be considered clichéd punk rock bitching.  In 'Fall Asleep' the story teller declares that he will not fall into these social trappings and will fond his won way.  I appreciate the personal approach to the lyrics and find it refreshing.

The production is demo quality and that is fitting considering this is a demo.  In the terms of 80's hardcore this would be a good sounding release, it's only modern digital recording that keeps this sounding as polished as what a lot of bands are so readily available to put out these days.  The production values help keep this release "real".  If SEEKER was to spend any more time or money in the studio I fear they would lose some of their impact.


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