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BAND: Sebastian Bach
ALBUM: Kicking And Screaming
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Sep 29 2011

First, I suppose I have to defend why BAZ even gets mentioned in the pages of THRASHHEAD...SKID ROW was a Heavy Metal band.  They were good looking, it was the late 80's and the labels wanted to push units.  With that they were somewhat unfairly lumped into the "hair metal" category.  Sure there were a couple of sappy songs on that record but it was still Metal.  We could go song for song but I am going to enter my next piece of evidence to my defense and that is their sophomore album 'Slave to the Grind'.  It was an over-the-top Heavy fucking Metal tour de force!  That album is so fucking powerful.  If you even attempt to deny that fact you are merely putting your blinders on and pigeon holing the band.  Not fair!  SKID ROW kicked ass!  (I say kicked because although they are still active Baz isn't with them and it's just not the same).

Now lets just spend a sentence or two on Sebastian Bach himself...The dude is badass!  First and foremost he is a huge Heavy Metal fan.  He's not one of those rockers that tries to downplay the "metal".  He embraces the tag, he loves metal.  He has a great sense of humor and is often the first one to poke fun at him self.  But...His pipes!!!!  Those fucking lungs!!!   The dude can fucking sing and he scream it out there with the best of them!  He should go down as one of the great metal vocalists next to Halford, Dio and Dickenson.  Don't even attempt to argue that!

Now for my last exhibit in the 'Sebastian Bach Kicks Ass' defense I give you 'Angel Down'.  Dude, I'll tell you right now homes that if THRASHHEAD was around a few years ago when that magnificent slab of American Metal came out I would have given it nothing less than 4.5 stars!!!!  That's right, you heard me.  If that goof ball Axle Rose wasn't on that album I would have given it 4.85 stars!  Damn that was a good time, fist in the air Heavy Metal album!  Don't knock it if you don't get it!

Now....Ladies and Dirtheads, I give you 'Kicking and Screaming'!....

Baz' vocals are badass!  He still has it and like I said earlier, he sings and he screams and he is the fucking man!  Not much else to say there...

Dude...It's heavy, it's metal, but it's not Heavy Metal \m/.  It's good, it's just so fricken' radio ready.  The guitars are heavy, his new young hot shot guitar player lays down some sweet solos but damn dude, it's just not the fist in the air Heavy Fucking Metal tour de force I was hoping for.  Except for the slow songs the whole thing just kind of plods along at mid tempo, again, no full on pedal to the metal rockers!  Why Baz, why?

This album will get him a radio hit and perhaps shoot some adrenaline back into his career.  A wider audience will accept it and he'll sell more concert tickets as a result.  You gotta pay the bills I guess but that last album was so damn good! Why couldn't we get another one like that?

It has it's moments but I am let down for the most part.  C'mon Baz...kick out the jams motherfucker!!!!

End note:  His new logo is pretty cool but the cover is stupid.

End note II:  Did I mention this fucker can sing!  Damn!

Sebastian Bach - Kicking And Screaming (Official Video) by Frontiers Music srl

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