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BAND: Soul Control
ALBUM: Get Out Now 7 Inch EP (Digital Available)
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jun 29 2011

soul control band

I was given a chance to check out SC's new 5 song EP "Get Out Now", and when I rolled the first track, I was blown away by this band's sound!  The first song "Harvester" is an open invite for you to jump into a furious mosh pit and that's exactly what we like to hear!

The second track "Peeling Layers" begins with a guitar riff that builds a sense of anticipation , a sense that you are about to hear a damn good song, and it doesn't disappoint; the tempo of the song is reminiscent of the classic punk anthems of old.

If you are a hardcore punk connoisseur, you will really dig these guys, though maybe not as nearly fast, they do follow the traditions of bands like Dr. Know and M.D.C. while adding their own unique style of aggression into the beats.

Heavy hitting  and at times flirting with thrashcore , especially on the track "Slipping", or even sludge with a splash of doom  like on the closing track "Hodad song",  this album provides an incredible level of rawness that makes you feel this band would be absolutely incredible to witness live.

Rory Van Grol , shouts out the vocals with a noticeable defiance while his band mates Jim Connolly produces a guitar sound that easily describes to the listener the many influences he has had during his career,  Eric Anagnostis  on bass and the drummer Ryan Pitz push with a dominant authority the rhythm of each song into the very soul of anyone who would put the needle to the vinyl.

A solid EP through and through, I feel comfortable recommending this album as being a fine example of new school underground.
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