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BAND: Satan's Wrath
ALBUM: Galloping Blasphemy
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Jason
Jan 16 2013

For those of us old enough to remember the old days before Metal was broken into ten thousand genre's, Satan's Wrath is an exciting throwback to the beginnings of thrash as a whole. It was an exciting time, bands like Possessed, Slayer, & Venom were new and like nothing we heard before. It was scary and dangerous. Satanic imagery seemed real and extremely rebellious at the time. Inverted crosses and pentagrams were everywhere-our school notebooks and pencil boxes were never safe.

Fast Forward to 2012. Satan's Wrath, a metal duo hailing from Greece, caught Brian Slagel's (Metal Blade Records) ear and, viola, we are graced with Galloping Blasphemy. You have to look past the gimmicky imagery here and get to the heart and black soul of this release. The band is the brainchild of Tas Danazoglou, former Electric Wizard bassist, and guitartist Stamos K. Tas handles bass, drums and vocals. Stamos is the lone guitarist featured on the album.

The production and sound of this is a throwback to 1985. Their sound is nothing new, but a very delicate blend of old school thrash/black metal with some Iron Maiden, Bathory and Mercyful Fate thrown in for good measure.

The release opens with Leonard Rising-Night of the Whip, a 6+ minute simple, yet groovy and thrashy song. Stamos K. is a phenomenal guitar player. He's tasteful and melodic. It seems the solos and breaks ALWAYS fit-they are never overplayed or complicated. If there is one overall theme here it is SIMPLE. Simple is cool here and it's great to hear some good old fashioned kick ass guitar! The song is ominous and actually catchy. You really hear the galloping influence of Iron Maiden here. Between Belial and Satan is next up-a true black metal opus! It's an uptempo, living breathing tribute to the demon himself.

Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer is a slower, more Mercyful Fate/Iron Maiden sounding song. It is one of the highlights of the album. A true throwback to the NWOBHM era bands. Tas' vocals here are brutal and fitting. And also...understandable. The title track is an instrumental very obvious Transylvania inspried song-it's short, clocking in at 2:41, but it's EVIL and melodic.

Death Possessed and Slaves of the Inverted Cross are my favorites on the album. Death Possessed is a true thrash song. Fast and furious. Tas' vocals are haunting here. The guitar melodies are awesome! Slaves of the Inverted Cross starts with an Evil, dark basement sounding bass intro. It's a throwback to the aforementioned Venom/Possessed influence. I really think this is the highlight of the album. It showcases everything Satan's Wrath has to offer.

Satan's Wrath (the song) wraps this all up. Another 6+ minute headbanger. A little slower, but more serious in Satanic tone.

All in all, this release is nothing but awesome. It will be in permanent rotation on my playlist.

It was hard to do research on these guys-they avoid all social media, thus maintaining an air of mystery and evil about them. If you are a fan of ANY of the NWOBHM bands, or Celtic Frost, or early Slayer, or Possessed, you will really enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Satan's Wrath "Between Belial and Satan" (OFFICIAL) by Metal Blade Records

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