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BAND: Satan's Host
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Brian Brinson
Jan 17 2012

Satan's Host band picture

Taking their inspirations from "all forms of true metal", spirituality and exhaustive research of the occult, SATAN'S HOST has turned a quarter of a century, and to commemorate their 25th anniversary have released "CELEBRATION For The Love Of Satan", an album chronicling this groups deep, dark metal history, but not a "best of" album either. In an effort to better define their evolution correctly, they have chosen, for this amazing personal compilation, to revive tracks from their previous releases, but performed and recorded fresh with their powerful, current lineup!! Just released in November 2011 by Moribund Records, "CELEBRATION For The Love Of Satan" is nothing less than a powerful new saga in the epic catalog within the history of SATAN'S HOST!!

This current lineup I mentioned consists of Leviathan Thisiren (Jag Panzer) on vocals, Patrick Evil (Psychronaut) on guitars, Margar (Torrid Flesh) on bass and Evil Hobbit (Torrid Flesh, Extreme Agony, Dismember, MeatWagon) on drums, and this is a truly powerful collective of dark prophecy. Their music has been described as "metal from hell, which is a combination of all aspects of Metal such as Traditional Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal with hardcore Satanic and dark overtones".

Opening and finishing the disc with 2 new tracks,"For The Love of Satan" and "Convictions", SATAN'S HOST impeccably delivers selections from their entire career, excluding "By The Hands of the Devil", released earlier the same year. Old classics like "Metal From Hell" and "Witches Return" lay the foundation for the journey through time, followed quickly by the eerily haunting "Nightside of Eden" and even resurrecting "Dark Priest 'Lord Ahriman'" to make this one hell of a great album!! Honestly, not enough can be said about the amazing transition these songs have made from their vaults into their present form.

This 12 track disc comes with a lavish 22 page booklet enclosed in a jewel case and featuring artwork by Chris Moyen and Joe Petagno, and the incredibly visual photography of Brent Boutte. SATAN'S HOST can be followed and contacted on Facebook, MySpace, their website and through Moribund Records.

Satan's Host: Nightside of Eden by Satan's Host

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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