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BAND: Sabaton
ALBUM: Swedish Empire Live
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Dave
Oct 06 2013

Sabaton Swedish Empire Live Album artwork

Sabaton Live!!! My first live record was Kiss Alive!!! With that, then came Cheap Trick Live at Budakon. Both great live albums! My next ones were Lizzy Borden the Murderous Metal Road Show and of course Maiden's LIVE AFTER DEATH!! After that no one really did live albums or, if they did, they were crap.

Now comes SABATON and they have put themselves next to these other great live albums!! This cd was recorded at The Polish Woodstock Festival and they played to half a million metal heads!! I saw these guys at a small venue here in AZ and it was a great show. All of Sabaton's albums have an epic, victorious feel about them. You watch their videos and they are battlefield scenes and have a very heroic feel to them. I picture these guys playing at a huge WORLD WAR 2 propaganda, military parade in front of a half million metal heads. Lots of flags and banners. Large iron behemoth tanks and leather clad metal warriors as far as the eye can see. I would like to see these guys at a big festival or a WAR re-enactment!!

The recording is excellent. The sound is great and the band was performing flawlessly. The song selections are perfect. Live shows are always a greatest hit production. With this show in Poland the set list was mostly earlier songs with a nod from the newest release. You actually feel the chest pumping and the energy of this recording. Joakim is in perfect form. There is no stoopid rocker banter between songs (although I think Joakim could have said SCREAM for me POLAND!!! And pulled off his own Live After Death moment). Joakim gets the crowd involved!! Clapping and chanting as only EUROPEANS can do!!! These guys are an absolute ARENA band. This cd could serve as the soundtrack for ANY History channel World War 2 documentary!! The significance of Sabaton's songs is amplified by the fact they are playing in Poland! The song 40:1 obviously got the crowd hugely excited and full of energy.

If you can't see Sabaton live at the very least pick up this cd. You won't be disappointed (actually I was a little because no SWEDISH PAGANS!!! Hence the 4.5)

SABATON - Swedish Empire (OFFICIAL LIVE TRAILER) by Nuclear Blast Records

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