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Written By: Dave
Feb 15 2013

sabaton live!

First I want to thank Rene and for giving me the chance to see and review the Swedish war machine sabaton!!! Thanks to Nuclear Blast for making it possible and hats off to tony from mosh pit army!! Tony keeps bring great bands to the valley at an affordable price.

If you weren't at 910 live in Tempe, AZ feb.7th than you missed the show of the month!! As always with a mosh pit army show the bands get started early and keep everything flowing! It's good to see young kids out in the crowd and on stage rocking the metal scene. We need to keep metal alive and that's how you do it. Thanks tony!

Sabaton took the stage like the allied forces took Normandy! Fast, furious and to the point!

Not having owned any sabaton prior to the show [I do now!] I did not know what to expect. Sabaton are a live band period. You need to see them live to grasp the full effect of fist pumping, chest plate thumping metal!! Every song they played from early albums to the newest album Carolus rex was met with huge excitement and favor. At several times during the show front man Joakim let the audience choose the next song!! We got to choose between midway and uprising! Uprising won and that song killllsss live. 40:1 is another fist in the air, soul soaring song that rages live as does Swedish pagans and cliffs of Gallipoli.

Sabaton's stage presence is like a row of panzers waiting to charge a hedgerow. Once they start they can't be stopped! Joakim commands the front like a sergeant leading his troops into the mouth of death. He has great intermission banter that isn't stoopid rocker talk. He constantly gets the crowd involved weather it be fist pumping or jumping around.

When I talked to joakim and Chris before the show joakim talked about their show in Wizna, Poland on the 70th anniversary of the battle there. They had staged a military re-enactment complete with World War 2 tanks and battlefield explosions. I would have loved to have seen that show. I felt a huge energy soaring up inside me as Sabaton played every song. They bring the battlefield alive! Their energy was non stop and authentic!! Sabaton are a live band and I highly recommend you see this Swedish war machine live while you can!!! 


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