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ALBUM: Forged In The Fire Of Metal
YEAR: 2011

Self-Released  R.U.S.T. Myspace

Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 14 2011

Another band embracing the glory days of Metal before a million sub-genres got us all confused and made us unwilling to lend an ear to something outside of our little box.

RUST takes their queues from bands like WARLORD and early SAVATAGE but most of all they remind of OVERKILL on 'Feel the Fire'.  The version of 'Feel the Fire' on the Metal Massacre comp has the same feel as this does.  The vocals are even reminiscent of Blitz' delivery on that early and classic album, a bit nasally with an occasional scream and all attitude. The backup vocals and their gang chant are again from that early era of US Metal before Thrash really became a genre, or sub-genre for that matter.

The recording has the feel of a really good demo or independently released album.  And I believe that is the case here, Pitch Black is distributing it but the band released this themselves.  The over polished, slick metal of today gets on my nerves sometimes, it sounds too good almost unrealistic.  'Forged in the Fire of Metal' has a very honest feel to it and I appreciate that.

With song titles like 'Metal Child', 'We Are Rock N Roll', 'In the Streets of Rock N Roll, and the title track 'Forged In the Fire of Metal' you know what you are getting (unless your head is in your ass and you cant figure it out from the context clues).

Dude...This album takes me back to my early teens, laying on my bed staring at the album covers as I cranked the coolest tunes in the world instead of doing my homework.  Up to this point I have been fairly reserved, I think I am somewhat in shock as the sheer awesomeness of this fine achievement of Metal.

Really I am torn on whether to rate this a 4.5 or go for it and award my first 5 star rating (a rating I reserve for the greatest achievements, those that walk on water...).   If we had a way to do a 4.75 I would go with that, I'm scared of the 5, it frightens me.  Sorry guys...\m/

R.U.S.T. - The Thunder Rolls by Adamos Adamou

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