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BAND: Rotten State
ALBUM: Kill It Yourself
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
Aug 22 2012

Right on! It's always killer to get a new take on oldschool crossover from Latin America, and Rotten State, hailing from Uruguay, does it the way we like it; raw and fast!

The music is something which combines the groove of Suicidal Tendencies (I can almost imagine dancing around like Muir to the tempo of "The March Of The Prayers"), the unrefined awesomeness of early D.R.I. and crunch of Nuclear Assault...they knowledgeably mix punk choruses and changes with the guitar led, blast beat o rama which is so necessary to get the mosh vortex whipped up. The vocals are pretty tight too, considering...Teutonic Thrash with a Latin twist is the way I would describe it; guttural and effective.

"Fight For Revenge", "Live For Yourself", "The March of The Prayers" (Dig the intro; "The only true thing about religion is that it's false"), "Street Graveyard" , and "The Ambuscade" are all kick ass tunes; shit, that's almost the whole album! Let's put it this way; say those are the "brighter" highlights to what is a very nice offering by these guys! On a side note, I'm not sure why, perhaps because it is the quintessential garage thrash artwork, but the cover is cool in that DIY kinda know, couldn't find enough money for Ed Repka in the sofa seats.

I think Rotten State certainly has room to evolve, they are young, but have the chops to take it to the next level, I am extremely looking forward to hearing what these guys offer in the future and the only way they are going to get there is if people start supporting them score the album.

Rotten State - Live For Yourself [Kill It Yourself] by Rotten State


Rotten State - Street Graveyard [Kill It Yourself] by Rotten State


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