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Written By: Attucks
Jun 10 2011

Ripping Grindcore. It's that simple. I believe this record was originally suppose to be a split between two different bands that happen to share adoration for 80's skateboarder Rob Roskopp to the extent that they named both their bands ROSKOPP.

One from Australia, and the other from Denver, CO. One of the guys from ROSKOPP (AU), after they broke up, and two guys from DIE PIGEON DIE formed DOUBLED OVER and everyone decided to still do the split regardless of the name change. D.O. hail from Melbourne, east badlands bud. Their side opens with straight blast beats then slows down to some heavy doom for a bit. At first I thought this was more Death metal sounding but as the wax spins more dynamics came out. Some of it is hardcore influenced style grind.

The song 'It Only Gets Worse' is just straight fast hardcore, it's the only track that doesn't have the Cookie Monster vocals. D.O.'s side has a nice flow from blistering fast grind to slow drawn out doomy parts. Their recording is a little bit low quality and is not as clear or loud as it could be.

ROSKOPP's side is brutal punk influenced grind and the recording is of a higher quality. I think this is the best sounding ROSKOPP record yet and I believe this is the 4th split these Denver grinders have put out in the last few years. Their side, style wise, touches a bit on NASUM with deeper vocals. There is a second vocalist who's belches of depravity come out a pitch higher than the lead vocal and creates a nice mix. Tempo wise these guys are either playing fast or just grinding it the fuck out.

Nice sample at the beginning of the ROSKOPP side as well. Good simple grind that isn't metal influenced grind it definitely comes from the punk side of grind. With that they even open up with killer D-Beat riffage that is very aggressive. Three songs on one side played on 45 r.p.m.s.

This one comes with no lyrics at all, you don't even get the names of the band members on the ROSKOPP side. The packaging lacks a little bit for me so you would have to get this one purely for the music.

Punk, Metal, Hardcore vinyl records and Distribution from PATAC Records
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