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BAND: Revilers
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Wes
Mar 25 2012

You don't see dudes get nasty on SG's anymore. That's more of a "back in the day" kind of thing. Revilers deliver hard with some no bullshit punk rock and roll, the way Chuck Berry would've intended. These dudes are slamming riffs left and right but that's not all, they have a real tight rhythm section to boot. The drumming on this album is some of the only punk drumming I've heard and ever really thought enough about to appreciate in recent years.

Revilers have a very catchy approach to songwriting and none of the thirteen anthemic tracks on this, their self-titled debut album, ever get tired or stale. This is working class punk rock for the common folk. Who can't relate to "Gonna quit my job before I kill my boss"? That's a classic blues sentiment. What makes Revilers different and more interesting is that they're politically charged but fully aware enough not to push politics or any other opinions on the listener while still making a bold and blatant statement.

Cuts like "1860" and "All Ages" are great examples of that and the solos on both fly real hard. Revilers have a real cool surf-tinged sound going for them on this record and it's unique because it's rowdy and aggressive but also very fun and uplifting as well. We call it "shore core" in New Jersey. If Dick Dale ever sat in with Norman Bates And The Showerheads the world might have a better idea of what to expect from a band like Revilers. Fans of "Gang's All Here" Dropkick should dig this. If you like what you hear, support physical formats and get record.

Revilers - Play It Loud 2 by Archduke77

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