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26 Jan 2013

Short Changed-We Will Bury You

This is their second release, but first with new vocalist Hekka Bekka who fits in…

16 Jan 2013


I got a taste of these Italian blackened thrash punx last year with the release of…

16 Jan 2013

Satan's Wrath-Galloping Blasphemy

For those of us old enough to remember the old days before Metal was broken into…

13 Jan 2013

Exxplorer-A Recipe for Power (Reissue)

New Jersey’s Exxplorer are a name known to many underground US metal aficionados,…

13 Jan 2013

Corrosion Of Conformity-Eye For An Eye / Six Songs With Mike Singing

emastered and re-released first album by these guys. It's great to hear everything…

28 Dec 2012

Repent-Vortex of Violence

It's been awhile since I've gotten a good dose of old school style aggressive thrash…

22 Dec 2012

Pertness-Frozen Time

There was a time in late 1990s when my musical diet included liberal helpings of…

21 Dec 2012

Bombnation-Crossovered With Rage

Second album from this Quebec City, Quebec Canada thrash/crossover band and still…

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