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07 Feb 2013


What a great debut album from these guys from Vancouver, BC. This band just jumps…

07 Feb 2013

Hatriot-Heroes of Origin

I have stated this before, but I can't tell you how ecstatic it makes me to have…

07 Feb 2013

In Defence - Into the Sewer plus two 7"s

Driving, forceful, tight. Nice production values, more appreciable on a system with…

01 Feb 2013

Dead Ending-II

Now this kicks ass! This band from Chicago features Vic Bondi of ARTICLES OF FAITH,…

01 Feb 2013


This Hungarian band has been around since 1996 when they were a punk covers band,…

30 Jan 2013

The Dicks-These People / Peace

This is a remastered re-release of their second album and a three song EP that came…

30 Jan 2013

Suffocation-Pinnacle of Bedlam

Longevity brings its own share of challenges. For many artists whose early releases…

26 Jan 2013

Destruction-Spiritual Genocide

The album is on, there's a couple seconds of breathless anticipation, what will the…

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