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09 Mar 2013

Lascaille’s Shroud-Parallel Infinities, Interval 01: The Inner Universe

Artists like Lascaille’s Shroud are the living proof that independent music can strive…

23 Feb 2013

Nuclear Death Terror-Chaos Reigns

This is a compilation of songs that were only available on vinyl, 2008's Ceaseless…

23 Feb 2013

GOMORRAH-This Means War

You remember GOMORRAH? Three teenage dudes out of Denver, Colorado that shred in…

18 Feb 2013

Waster - Prey For Us

WASTER is a five man metal band based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba who have just put…

18 Feb 2013

Cradle of Filth-The Manticore and Other Horrors

Love them or hate them, United Kingdom’s Cradle of Filth have been a fixture on the…

16 Feb 2013

C.F.A-Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God

What the fuck? I've very rarely heard a band that could throw in everything including…

13 Feb 2013

Appalachian Terror Unit - It's Far From Fucking Over Discography

The first track introduces the newly acquainted with a theme that runs through several…

07 Feb 2013

Hammerfall-Gates of Dalhalla

In my opinion, most live releases fall into one of the two categories. There are…

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