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22 Apr 2013

WARTORN-Iconic Nightmare

With the very sound they are known to their fans for, WARTORN have pumped out another…

22 Apr 2013


Destroy is the second full length album for Texas based thrash metal band Warbeast…

17 Apr 2013

ATOMINATED-World Without Flesh EP

Well, they finally did it. I wasn't sure they ever would, but while in Dublin, Ireland,…

12 Apr 2013

Cauldron-Tomorrow's Lost

Legend has it that two members of Cauldron, Ian Chains and Jason Decay, fell into…

10 Apr 2013

Ramlord-Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom

Fuck, I caught a show with Ramming Speed, Hot Graves and Phantom Glue at a venue…

01 Apr 2013

Septekh-Apollonian Eyes EP

Jesus! I caught a whiff of Septekh not long ago and was incredibly excited to hear…

19 Mar 2013

Motherpig-Nojev Let

Wow! I got turned onto this by album by Stig's fiancĂ©e Tina, and it took me approximately…

13 Mar 2013


Bad dudes. Who do they call for help when the president gets kidnapped? Darkthrone,…

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