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30 Sep 2013

Orchid-The Mouths Of Madness

It's been a hot minute since I busted out the pen but I do remember a few basic rules…

03 Sep 2013

D.O.A.-Welcome to Chinatown

The soon to be celebrated D.O.A. double live album, "Welcome to Chinatown" is here…

07 Aug 2013


Thundering blast beat, high adrenaline, crunchy, hypersonic metal up yer ass!

25 Jul 2013

Occultist-Death Sigils

Last year I had the good fortune to have a listen to Occultist's "Hell By Our Hands"…

17 Jul 2013

Suicidal Tendencies-13

13 years after releasing their previous studio effort, Cyco Mike-O and crew are back…

10 Jul 2013

TOXIC HOLOCAUST-From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction

Back again with a real treat, Portland, Oregon's TOXIC HOLOCAUST have released an…

28 Apr 2013

Killing Joke-The Singles Collection 1979-2012

Since their formation in 1979, KILLING JOKE have gone through numerous members and…

22 Apr 2013

Hiding Inside Victims / Suicide State Split EP

This is one tight and heavy split single that has two bands that complement each…

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