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11 Apr 2012

DEADBORN-Mayhem Maniac Machine

Germany has offered up another brimming cup of purely profound metal fury with the…

10 Apr 2012

Witchtrap-Vengeance Is My Name

From the South American city of Medellin, Columbia, which has been tragically shrouded…

06 Apr 2012

Gomorrah-Thrashed Outta Hell EP

I first got a chance to check these dudes out last year. They were young, as in…

02 Apr 2012

NEXHYMN-Black Horizon EP

Using a combination of the Latin word, NEX, meaning death, especially that which…

30 Mar 2012


Holy crap, this must be my lucky week, yet another sick thrash offering from a group…

28 Mar 2012


I was a late comer when it came to getting into k√§ngpunk, I was first initiated into…

27 Mar 2012

Overkill-The Electric Age

The boys from Jersey are back with a vengeance!

26 Mar 2012

Impalers-A Necesary Evil Demo EP

This is the shyte! Teutonic style is back and Danish metal is about to be returned…

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