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20 Apr 2012


Maryland bands never fall short on extremity. Since the mid 90's Baltimore's STRONG…

20 Apr 2012


Russian death merchants Pseudogod finally release a brutal and long-awaited full-length…

17 Apr 2012

Armor Column-Maximum Collateral Damage

Here you go, metal...pure and simple. Damn, I cannot believe I am hearing this for…

17 Apr 2012


When I initially heard the Chicago three-piece known as SUPERCHRIST it struck me…

16 Apr 2012

NEVER TO ARISE-Hacked To Perfection

Floridians Gordon Denhart (vocals, guitar, drum programming) and Mike Kilborn (guitar,bass)…

15 Apr 2012


OK, I’ll admit, Asphyx is new to me...

13 Apr 2012

CATHETER-Southwest Doom Violence

Hell yes, that's right, after 7 years, they have put together 17 tracks of their…

12 Apr 2012

Occultist-Hell By Our Hands (Cassette)

Holy cow! Does anything bad come out of the RVA? Here's a band which I was turned…

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