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20 Nov 2014

Krang-Bad Moon

If you've been around our page, Chicago, or possibly some realms of the musical internet,…

11 Oct 2014

All This Mayhem

Where do I begin? I suppose the best place to begin is at the end of the 80's...

26 Aug 2014

Vader-Tibi Et Igni

With the exception of Decapitated, the big four of Polish death metal seem to be…

26 Aug 2014

TEMPLE OF DAGON-Rituals Of The Deep

If you live in the L.A. area and actually get out to shows, then you have probably…

02 Jun 2014


These guys have done it once again without losing stride at all! Pumping out a fucking…

10 May 2014

D.O.A.-To Hell and Back

With all the fuss over D.O.A. since they've said their final farewell, it's no surprise…

06 May 2014


Every once in a while true veterans of a scene will get together and form something…

22 Mar 2014

Have You Seen My Mind? A Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II Compilation

Holy mother of compilation smorgasbords!

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