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BAND: Resist
ALBUM: Burial Ground - 7” EP
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Val Landrum
Jun 04 2011

Emerging from a long hiatus RESIST returns to form here with maturity showing both in their songwriting and their lyrics. 

Songs about the drudgery of life in the western world and how fear is a tool commonly used to control the masses really hit home and are as urgent now as ever.  The recording and mix have a live feel that makes it sound like it could have been recorded back when RESIST were first active. 

No overproduction here, just super-solid songs.  When compared to the DEPRIVED split which is now (ugh) 20 years old, it sounds like the band have been thru some transformation and emerged from the other side wiser for it, but without loosing any of the sprit that was there at the onset. It is (of course) on Profane Existence Records and comes in a cool fold-out poster-sleeve.  Highly Recommended!

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