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BAND: Repent
ALBUM: Vortex of Violence
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Dec 28 2012

Repent band portrait

It's been awhile since I've gotten a good dose of old school style aggressive thrash and these Bavarian bad asses don't disappoint! This is actually the first release I've had the chance to hear from Repent and after taking a look at their back catalogue, I came to realize that this is actually the third full-length after Escape From Reality (2000) and Disciple of Decline (2004).

Right away the Teutonic influence is undeniable, fast blast beat laden power with guttural growls and crunchy guitars which will melt your face! As is the hallmark of any great thrash outfits, it's full throttle, high octane from beginning to end!

Sublime changes and leads are found throughout while keeping the tempo as supersonic as possible, and don't forget the choruses! This release really harkens back to the very beginning of Teutonic thrash with touches of Kreator, Destruction, even Swiss legends Coroner; it's raw with angry vocals that can literally whip any crowd up into a moshing "Vortex of Violence"

I am super excited about digging deeper into these guy's earlier albums, both the LPs and demos (if I can find 'em) because this album is straight up thrash metal at its finest and it has my curiosity heightened to hear even more!
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