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BAND: Rat Damage
ALBUM: Cursed
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Fish
Jan 25 2014

Rat Damage Live

Ha, ha, wow! What a way to wake up on a Saturday morning! A good cup of coffee in hand, and pure, raw, rock and roll, laced with chugging heavy metal riffs and 80s punk rock influences! Are you kidding me? Someone fucking loves me!

First off, the band is RAT DAMAGE and secondly, the album is "Cursed", their first full length from 2012. These guys are a busy crew. The vocalist and bassist runs a DIY style record label together called FYBS, which is the label releasing this album on vinyl. Nothing like some good old DIY! The singer also has been booking for years, bringing the best underground touring punk bands to Sacramento and the surrounding area for what seems like about twenty. To top that off, the lead guitarist is always active in at least two or three other bands to boot. And these guys perform live about three or four times per month! This is a 5 piece act of fantastic energetic quality!

The album features 11 tracks of pure, ripping intensity, discussing everyday life, which just makes this one of those immediately relatable albums. Five tracks on the "Get side", and 5 more on the "Fucked side" are simply listed as 1 through 11 on the sleeve of these limited edition of 500 hand numbered albums. Recorded at Lennon Studios in San Francisco by the late Jeff (Leppard) Davis (may he rest in peace) at the end of 2011, and featuring backing vocals by Ami Lawless of Voetsek on the album's final track, "Slow Suicide", cover artwork created by Pat Kim, ex-member of the band Unwritten Law and featuring some cool, collage-style art by Jeremiah (Jed) Pfeffer on the inside. The only digression from this frenzy of psycho doom and gloom fury is when the album's title track, "Cursed" changes course unannounced with a completely different song called "Pills" that pounces in with a full on D-Beat attack! Fuck, this thing kicks ass!

The album is available for immediate download or purchase through FYBS Records on BandCamp. And don't forget to stalk Facebook to like and support both the label and the band. Cheers!


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