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BAND: Randomorder
ALBUM: The Forbidden Knowledge
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Jan 03 2012

Fug yeah, here we go! A bit o the underground metal from down under...hell, if Baloff was an Aussie he'd probably dig these guys and be screaming "Throw another poser on the barbie!" at their shows! Sorry, I couldn't resist, but these guys are fairly brutal and straight forward thrash metal and being from the land of Oz...

And though, there are a few times, where I am getting a serious crust vibe from Randomorder, especially when I listen to a track like "Forbidden Knowledge" (there's an almost punk rock like tempo to Justin Wilton's playing, especially at 1:30 into the song), it's really the technical leads from Sean Kelleher's melting axe, which takes the album right back to plant it firmly into the realm of thrash metal.

Gabe Latham's gruff vocals, are mean and easily understood, always a plus (death to Cookie Monster on acid!) and his guitar work is pure crunch! His accent comes through loud and clear which only adds to the overall feel...I can almost hear Wez screaming for vengeance from the wasteland!

Bicket, their drummer, is sick on the kit, double bass and blast beat with a dash of the D to enhance the punishing rhythm so critical for sloshing your brain around in your skull cavity to; this album makes it damn hard not to bang your head...though I have found, much to my disappointment, that in my "advanced" age...I always end up with a massive migraine and blurred vision...this album practically had me on the floor hemorrhaging! Now I ain't really that old; but fuck ,to some of you whippersnappers, anyone who was in their teens when "Bonded By Blood" hit, makes me practically a cousin to Ardi

Yeah, it's damn good, only a handful of albums this year gave me the irresistible urge to start breaking things, and this has the undeniable combo of rhythm, crunch, and sick changes; one only has to check "Caught In The Crossfire" to get a taste of what I'm talking about. These Tasmanian Devil's have been astute pupils and there is no doubt, they paid close attention in thrash 101!

"Exile" is another great track that further establishes Randomorder as being some serious Aussie badasses; it opens with dialogue from Schindler's List backed by a delicate lead which leads into a frontal lobe smashing shockwave of thrash ...sublime aggression ala oldschool!

The production on this is good, but you know no label is flying some hotshot in from Sweden or Germany to handle it, which of course, is another plus in my book...it gives "The Forbidden Knowledge" an underground edge...you know like every metalhead and his mom ain't jamming this in the minivan on the way to soccer practice...it's the real deal.

You should definitely check these guys out, songs like "Bloodlust" and "Desecration Is Your Name" will have you calling your buds over to trash your living room in no time!

Randomorder 'The Dark Science' by Tasmanian Metal Syndicate

Randomorder 'Forbidden Knowledge' by Tasmanian Metal Syndicate

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