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ALBUM: Split 7"
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Dec 16 2011

Listening to this record reminds me of when I was a teenager and lived with my brother. He had a job and would order all kinds of rad seven inch records from all over. I would record them on to a mix tape so I could jam them on my own. This record would have definitely made it to a mix tape.

Here are two ferocious bands, blowing it out. It's funny, when I was listening to this record, I knew that Rampant Decay was from Providence, R.I. and I just figured that the Kruds were too. As I listened to the Kruds all I could think was that they sound more like a Southwest band than a band from New England. Sure enough, I find out that they are from San Antonio, TX. They shred fast and without mercy. The Kruds ride that thin grey line between Grindcore and Power Violence, while dipping straight into their hardcore and old school punk rock roots throughout their six blinding fast songs. The ultra aggressive vocals and the breakneck jams are great. There seems to be two vocalists on this side. One guy is low and brutal and the other one a screaming lunatic. I think Mike Tyson even rears his ugly head somewhere in there. I find that the Kruds recording could use a little help, especially after listening to the Rampant Decay side. The Kruds seems a little lo-fi, kind of garbled.

Rampant Decay affords us two songs of blistering crusty hardcore crossover. I reviewed their split with Insult and I referred to Rampant Decay as a crusty sounding Agnostic Front. Now I'd say they sound like a raw Resistant Culture, maybe, without the triggers on the drums and the Native American influence. I guess what I'm saying is they seem to grind out more on this split then compared to the Insult split. The more I hear of this band, the more I like them. Rampant Decay knows how to write a song. Big, tuned down guitars, brutal choking vocals and pounding drums make these two tracks rippers. These guys are right up my alley, good metal influenced punk. I can't wait to hear a full length. I really have no idea what either band on this split is gargling rocks about but it does sound cool.

The cover is a super tattooed genie, I think, putting a machete into the head of a hipster or a hippie. I am not entirely sure. It's hard to tell now days. This split is offered on Band Camp on a "pay what you want" basis. So pay what you want and check it out!


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