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BAND: Ramming Speed
ALBUM: Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Rene
Nov 23 2013

Ramming Speed Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die album cover art

What can I really say about this band which hasn't already been said? I was first turned on to them via Scotty over at Tankcrimes with a split they did with A.N.S.; I was blown away to say the least! What these five madmen from Boston have been able to accomplish is to bring almost every genre of metal and punk together under one banner; their music is a fast and furious mindfuck with bellowing vocals which most assuredly was spawned from the reptilian, unholy love affair between Swedish D-beat and Florida Death Metal backed by some classically metal thrash riffage and NWOBHM leads right alongside wicked drum kit beatings which any opponent of former heavyweight great Gerry Cooney would be familiar with...if they aren't too punchy now to remember that is.

Ramming Speed was one of those bands I stumbled across when ThrashHead first launched while I was still living in Mexico and I have been stoked to witness their rise; I can't help but feel that this is just the beginning for this quintet! This is their second full-length and it just does not fail to meet all that I have come to expect from Ramming Speed! Hey I'm not blowin' smoke up your ass, I'm as serious as a heart attack here; this album is fucking righteous!!

Ramming Speed Live In Cambridge

Also, I know for a fact these dudes really throw down in concert, because I was lucky enough to see it firsthand last winter in Boston not long after I moved up to New England, and it was a rager! Another one of my favorite bands, Hot Graveshad been touring and were able to hook up with Ramming Speed at a small venue in Cambridge; it was a brutal winter, cold as fuck, and this show, which also featured other kick ass, take no name bands such as Phantom Glue and Ramlord on the billing, was fucking insane! Ramming Speed, along with their cohorts, turned a handful of diehard headbangers and punks into a swirling mass of energy which bled pure PMA all over the floor. Now, that I live in NOLA, I can only hope they'll make a stop here one day.

Ramming Speed is one of those bands who are a uniting force among those in the underground, they were pure DIY, true road warriors traveling across the United States and far beyond in any vehicle they could so as to play any and all venues; they've stuck through shit thick and thin and the payoff is just beginning with notoriety coming from every corner of the metal and punk world. There's no genre here, there's no sub-genre, this is just heavy and hard, this album will appeal to all, whether long haired or liberty spiked, who can appreciate music which unleashes all that pent up energy inside and gets your ass moving in the pit, as well as those who are grateful for the dedication some bands show just to please their supporters...you want a group of fucking sniveling prima donnas who feel they're going out of their way to play your local club (add Teutonic thrash band here)? Well, you ain't gonna find it with Ramming Speed, they're all about good fucking times! (check out the tour poster below if you wanna catch up with them, they're touring with Toxic Holocaust and In Defence, fuck n a!)

The album rules, the guys in the band rule, their attitude rules, and their live shows rule...what the fuck else do you need to snap up a copy of "Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die" and be a fan?

Ramming Speed tours with Toxic Holocaust and In Defence!


Ramming Speed - Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die (Official Track Stream) by ProstheticRecords

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