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BAND: Ramlord
ALBUM: Stench Of Fallacy
YEAR: 2011

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Written By: Josh Mosh
Oct 17 2011

Blackened, crusted, metalized, stench-core...That is was RAMLORD is throwing down on this lo-fi cassette.

These dudes are depressed, bummed out and possibly suicidal. Reading the lyrics I got bummed out too. From the song 'Burnt Out' – "Life is too fucked up / I just want to die, I'm too fed up / just cant relate, sick of living / It's me who I despise". Damn...These dudes are sick...The tone set with the opening lines of that song are reflective of the depressing nature of this entire tape.

The recording is murky, thick, and disgusting, it sound like they recorded it in a sewage tunnel! But the lo-fi mud approach is so fitting to their sound.

RAMLORD blend AMEBIX/AXGRINDER crust with blasphemous Black Metal to spawn a style of crust that is so far removed it has almost nothing to do with punk. They are as heavy as a porta-potty full of hot dogs turds and beer mud after a BLACK SABBATH concert. Ya know what I'm saying...when the waste is as high as the seat and the air is as heavy as Iommi's riffs. Yeah that kind of heavy...So heavy I bet these guys even have chain-male underwear...Oh , from the picture inside the cover they don't seem to where undies, just bullet belts.

Overall this is a badass tape and I was stoked to find it in the mail. I would like to hear a little bit better production, just enough to make it a little more easy on the ears. I bet this guys crush it live.

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