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Written By: Josh Mosh
Jul 11 2011

Man, have we been busy around the ThrashHead office (still my dining room table).  If you've been following us you've seen how much we grown in less than two months.  From the mobile site, to more and more frequent articles and reviews, and even a few choice sponsors!  And...we can't overlook some of the killer interviews that have been done with old school hardcore heroes as well as new and current bands.  Hell, we've have had everyone from FEAR to ROAD KILL CARNIVORE covered now!  Dudes in their 60's to young thrashers in their 20's!  That's some coverage.  I've been very happy with the depth and quality of the interviews, something that I think helps keep us interesting.

I have as busy as a one legged man at an ass kicking contest!  This site has been consuming a fair amount of time and on top of it I write for Profane Existence and book and promote local shows, play in two bands and am the captain of the Denver Pyrate Punx crue.  I am also married, have two kids and work about 50 hours a week!  With that said, it's all a labor of love.  I consume myself with activities that involve the things and people I love.  I can happily say that I am rarely bored!

This summer has been pretty fun so far.  I've seen some cool bands already including the legendary BLUE OYSTER CULT and CHEAP TRICK.  That was such a fun show.  Rudy Sarzo of QUIET RIOT, OZZY, WHITESNAKE fame was on bass and boy did they jam!  CHEAP TRICK was the surprise of the night, I'd seen them before but damn! did they kick some ass!  These old dudes had some serious energy and were jamming like it was 1980!  To top it off I was there with not just my normal concert partner (my brother Justin) but also my Dad!  That was the shit!

We recently held our first Pyrate Punx / Punx Picnic.  Actually it was the day before yesterday...

I know you are mumbling to yourself, "what is Pyrate Punx?".  Well cyber-friend here is a very brief explanation and history:

Pyrate Punx was started in Oakland over 13 years ago by a dude named Marcus.  He and a few buddies saw a need to pull together and book and promote shows.  They felt it was important to take care of the bands ($, place to stay, food – these basic things don't always get covered by DIY promoters!) and to network with other like minded folks in other towns.  From there a network of Pyrate Punx chapters started springing up all working together to tighten an often scattered web of bands, promoters, record labels, zines, etc.  At this point there are over 40 chapters including crues in Europe, Indonesia and most of the western US.  Denver is the 40th chapter and we will be a year old in September.  One of the things that I really like about it was the idea of working together to create a community or family within local scenes as well as within the bigger Pyrate Punx organization.  To do so PP chapters can often be found promoting bowling events, picnics, swimming days, hiking, camping and of course there is the yearly PP camping trip called Liberatia.

Saturday July 9th, 2011 was the first Punx Picnic for the Devner Pyrate Punx.  Although we were a little nervous with how much food we were going to have, if we could find a shelter at the park that wasn't taken or even if people were going to show up it was an enormous success!

There was so much delicious food including veggie burgers and dogs, meat dogs, brats, chips, fresh salads of many varieties (I only saw one store bought salad, the rest was all freshly prepared!), and of course...Beer!

Some of the crue even prepared games like three-legged races, shoe kicking contests and baby-head shot-put.  There were separate divisions for the adults and for the children.  My daughter got second place in the shoe kicking contest and was incredibly proud of the awesome homemade trophy she received for her efforts.

Everyone seemed to have a blast and it was great to see punx from the ages of 3 to their teens and early 20's to the over 40 group all hanging out together in the beautiful Colorado sunshine enjoying an afternoon together.  At one point there were about 40 people there including members of 8 different bands!

What a day!  Hat's off to my shipmates for making it happen!

From there we left to a show at Justin's house with 3 out of town bands and local crusters DRIPFED.  The show went off without a hitch and the bands were all taken care of.

Sunday was an all day band rehearsal with a band I was in 20 years ago.  That my friends is a tale for another time!

Cheers!  THRASH YOUR HEAD!!!!  Peace!

Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with contemporary punk and metal.
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