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YEAR: 2013


Written By: Rene
Aug 07 2013

PWABK cover artwork

Thundering blast beat, high adrenaline, crunchy, hypersonic metal up yer ass! It only took a few notes from this EP for me to know these El Paso metalheads were dead fucking serious about their craft.

The opening track "Deviant Lust" has a serious black metal vibe to it, but still reeks of the sweat and blood poured out from the rabid hordes of a Ruthie's Inn mosh pit (that's a good thing)!

This EP is 100% proof metal no doubt about it; seriously, you could stuff a rag in it, light it and throw this as a molotov! The vocals are shouted out with strength, but are not lost in a guttural cookie monster growl (I'm gettin' mighty tired of that shit), the guitar playing is solid, getting both crunchy as well as technical, have a listen to the second track "451" where there's even (dare I say or evoke the wrath of the band?) a touch of groove to the tempo of the vocals? Whatever, it's badass!

Talk about power, check out the drumming! That kit takes such abusive punishment, you'll understand exactly why the band named themselves "Pistol Whipping A Blind Kid"! And fuck , the bassist's ability to back his bud up on the drums just shows exactly how he was able to make that four string his bitch.

"Witches and Ghouls" closes out this little album nicely; tight and hard hitting aggression!

All in all, I gotta say, this is a damn fine little offering to Crom! And, on a side note, for those old thrashers who remember, the cover art reminds me of a mix between a Danzig drawing and the old Texas Zorlac days, harkening back to the art of the legendary Pushead.

I have to throw kudos out to these guys, I'm stoked to hear what they come up with next.


Founded by legendary rider Tony Magnusson and Mike Ternasky in 1986,H-Street Skateboards began a revolution which continues to this day.
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