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BAND: Putrefaction
ALBUM: Blood Cult
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Jun 09 2012

Putrefaction Blood Cult album art

I ran across Irish crusters Putrefaction a while back when I was turned onto their "Destroyers" tape (which is insane by the way, they even throw in a sick cover of Sepultura's "Anti-Cop") and I was pretty stoked when I heard they had released their follow up.

Similar to the stylings of Deviated Instinct in the way they combine a potent mix of d-beat with a death metal vibe, they seem to go a step farther into the dark and foreboding. For example, the second track "Mouth of the Furnace" tells the tale of the Treblinka death camp revolt: "...So they hurled themselves toward the best...the Treblinka revolt, another day soaked in blood...indescribable horror..." and they unleash their detain for the powers that be in the eardrum smasher of "Moloch" : "...The read moon rises and drowns the world in blood...this cabal knows no mercy, wretched kings who scorn our breath...their engines ever droning...their endless holy wars, staining deserts red..."

With some of the best droning, metal inspired guitar riffs and d-beat led hooks with a pinch of HC groove I've ever heard on any album, "Blood Cult" really unleashes some powerful songs both lyrically and musically. The change on the opening track "Scourge" (fifty seconds into the song) is absolutely insane! You can't help but scream "Hell yeah" as your fist pumps the air and the sudden urge to find a mosh so as to unleash some pent-up energy sweeps over your body like a tsunami. Other fine examples of this effect is on "Feast of Flies" 'bout around 3:15 and "Beast of Waste and Desolation"...awesome!

Though, as I hinted to earlier, there is a touch of death metal thrown into the mix, the vocals back off nicely and don't go too overboard with the growls. I've said this many times; if the vocals don't match the performance put out by the rest of the band, it'll ruin the entire album...without mentioning names, there are literally dozens of albums this past year where I had wished I was listening to the karaoke version, seriously, insane albums laid to waste by some lame ass singer who can't find their own style...not so here! The vocals compliment the music perfectly: angry, intense, and most importantly, understood.

Just like the latest from Deviated Instinct, here's an album where punx and headbangers will definitely find a common ground. And, similar to thirty years ago, the flavor of the underground is telling me that aficionados from both sides of the tracks are once again beginning to come together to create a fresh transcendent amalgamation of what may be the future in the scene...metal punk? Crust? who gives a f*ck...it rocks!

Putrefaction - Drown Them in their Wine by DistroyRecords

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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