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BAND: Punishable Act
ALBUM: Unbreakable Spirit
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 14 2011

Many of you folks who are into HC may have heard of Punishable Act, for those who have not, you are dealing with a core group of guys (Mike: Vocal, Sven:Guitar, Mario: Bass, Botte: Guitar) who have been together since '85. The only band position not filled by an original member is the man on the kit. Currently that position is held by Robert.

This band was born in East Berlin as the punk band Reasorrs Exzesz, soak that in for a moment, at the height of the Cold War these guys were on the front lines in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, more specifically Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR (Capital of the GDR) playing punk rock!

The cold gray images of tyrannical big brother government which was so common on underground album art in the 80's wasn't a mere image do these guys, they lived in this environment, an environment contained behind a wall, barbwire fences, tripwires, landmine fields and fanatical guards...a land where the Stasi turned brothers into informants against one another.

That's fuggin' hardcore in anyone's book!

Their sound is pure HC with, for those of you in the states, kinda NYC style ala Cro-Mags / Biohazard. That's not really fair mind you, never is to compare bands...these guys have a unique feel to them...the album still has a very raw tension to it.

I guess I am saying that if you're into Hardcore then Punishable Act is for you! As is the mark of all great HC, they border between a metallic aggression and punk's political outspokenness.

Let me demonstrate by giving you the first lines of two back to back tracks, "March Of The Psycho Army" and "Dogs Of Hardcore"


"Don't talk about democracy, the people will burn your palace
preachin' water and drinkin' wine, your time will come
Politicians are greedy and corrupt too
no mercy, no chance, no life for me
who knows the truth, what is true
the only real terrorists and murderers are you..."

And next we listen to "Dogs":

"fuckin' fake posers you are like flu
our whole scene is not for you
I'll punch in your face and in your butt too
your day will come, that would be true

in it for the glory or just for the greed
you not like us, so you will bleed
rockstars & assholes-we don't never need
get out wimp, cause we're the true breed..."

Goddamn, if that doesn't spell a recipe for a blood soaked pit I don't know what does! But, if you really want deeper insight into what this band is about, you just have to listen to the first four lines of "All I Want" which, by the way, has a sick guitar intro that reminds me a bit of Dean Pleasant's style :

"needless to say, but so important for me
peaceful time, mellow times without aggression
strong shelter for the children and the whole family
life without struggle, strivin' for harmony and passion

calm down, be quiet and step aside
lookin' for real wisdom and keep the balance
hold true, strivin' for tolerance and pride
searchin' for harmony , fighting the ignorance.."

This album is kick yer butt all the way through; from "Moment of Truth" to "Unbreakable Spirit", powerful vocals, heavy chords and beats swirl into a vortex of extreme power!

No doubt, a very, very solid offering! I really dig "We Will Be", immediately I get another Suicidal Tendencies feel from this, the opening rhythm reminds me of "I saw Your Mommy" and I don't think that's by accident.

It opens with a declaration in German:

" dieser song ist schon verdammt alt, er stammt von 1990.
damals hieben wir noch reasorrs exzesz und spielten, genau
wie heute hardcore-punk fur skater, punks, skins,
hardcore-freaks und metalheads. seit 1985. damals wie
heute wollen wir immer den augenblick genieben.
den augenblick mit euch"

Which translates...please forgive me if I don't get it quite right:

" this song is pretty damn old, he comes from 1990.
then we still hewed reasorrs exzesz and played exactly
and now for hardcore-punk skaters, punks, skins,
freaks and hardcore metalheads. in 1985. then as
Today, we always want to perhaps check the instant.
the moment with you "


"we are fuckin' freaks from the danger zone
we are your worst nightmare, your secret desire
slam dance power, cyco style-never alone
kickin' the pit, rippin' trash from the cyco youth"

You have to check this album out, from punk to metal to hardcore pit master, this will have you gettin' aggro! And you know what's fucking cool about these veteran rockers? They are DIY and are giving their album away for free! All you have to do is hook up with 'em, spread the word and go to their shows! that's it! Though, it wouldn't hurt to pick up some of their other albums as well mind you.

Ja! Das ist die wahre hardcore!




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