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BAND: Pseudogod
ALBUM: Deathwomb Catechesis
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Wes
Apr 20 2012

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Russian death merchants Pseudogod finally release a brutal and long-awaited full-length this year on Hell's Headbangers. Blackened deadheads might recall their split with Mexican legends Morbosidad which was released by Nuclear War Now! last summer.

Pseudogod hail from Perm, Russia which is on the western front, situated just south east of Moscow, above the Kazakhstan border. Their considerably close proximity to Finland really shows in their sound. All raw, brutal, rough and bloody blackened death growls interwoven through a cacophony of thick and hate filled guitar lines. As a fan of bands like Beherit and Archgoat I was really able to sink my teeth into this album. It's thrashy, and often doomy, blackened death chaos to be sure but there is also beauty in it, like slow falling snow flakes over the scattered wreckage of a Siberian warzone.

"Malignant Spears" is a track which really starts the album up all nasty and fast but they've got some tricks up their nine-inch-spiked gauntlets as well. The solo on "Azazel" is as good and perfectly placed as any you'd hear in modern death metal and the intro to "Encarnation del Mal" really shows off this band's propensity for melodic groove, to my ears.

Deathwomb Catechesis is technically a debut but Pseudogod have been kicking around the international metal market since about 2007 and it's great to see them finally getting proper North American distribution with this release so that new and younger fans can access their music and hopefully learn something about Russian and Eastern European metal.

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