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BAND: Prodigal Earth
ALBUM: Zenith II Zero
YEAR: 2009
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 15 2011

Our friends at Pitch Black Records in Cyprus have sent us their entire catalog.  They have been big supporters of ours so far and with that we will delve into some of their earlier releases that certainly deserve the press.

It is no secret that the folks at Pitch Black love the classic metal sound and Power Metal specifically.  PRODIGAL EARTH borrows from classic metal but own a tasty Power Metal buffet and they are willing to let us feast on the molten metal stew they have concocted.

The opening track 'Disaster 121' coughs up a JUDAS PRIEST inspired ass kicker that for me is the highlight of the 11 track disc.  On this track Nicholas delivers a great Halford inspired performance with sinister venom spitting from his lips as he deliver on his vocal duty.  Throughout the track he uses several "voices" to deliver what the song is asking for and even tracks his own backing vocal as Halford often does.  The result is hair raising vocal assault that is not repeated to this magnitude again on the CD.

Even thought the song 'Crossroads' seems to borrow from early 80's melodic metal it's from the opening track on that we fall more into power metal trappings and by track 4, 'Once Upon a Crime' we into full blown keyboard saturated glory metal that brings to mind mousse rockers RHAPSODY.

The song 'Lonely Gods' opens with a bass line that borrows heavily from the, made famous by MTV News, bass intro to 'Peace Sells But Who's Buying'.

It only a few tracks in and we are introduced to the heavy metal gallop made so popular by those Brits with the cool mascot guy.

PRODIGAL EARTH do an amazing job, they are all very talented but they follow a paint by numbers formula and don't take ownership of the music enough to give us something a little more original and  exciting.

Again, this disc is good but it is not great even though the potential is there.  I would like to hear the vocalist grab hold of more of the attitude he spits forth in the opening track.  The musicians in the band could borrow again from the early influences of METALLICA and some heaviness to their metal feast!

Prodigal Earth - Crossroads by manillaroad82

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