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Written By: Rene
Jan 16 2012

illustration of what American Government has become

Note: Before you think this about criticizing a faith or a single political party, I encourage you to finish reading it, before commenting. And remember, it's a rant..Ok?

January 4th marked the anniversary of when a young Tunisian, by the name of Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself on fire to protest injustices which set in motion a wave of popular uprisings across Africa and the Middle East, perhaps we should take time to reflect on our own government.

If this past decade has shown us anything, it's that the United States Of America is sliding, or has slid into a political and social state of delusional paranoia, perhaps even far more so than at any other time in American history; whether it be the McCarthyism of the 1950's to the cold war rhetoric and economic upheavals of the Reagan era.

We are steadily becoming aware of the undeniable fact that the corrupt government which sits in Washington D.C. has seemingly always been, and may always be, puppets to corporate and social interests which hold neither the welfare of the people nor justice in high regard.

We have watched over the decades as the party of Abraham Lincoln was hijacked by evangelicals and extreme right-wingers. Today, for example, Michele Bachmann dropped out of the race for the White House and gave perhaps one of the most frightening speeches I have ever heard, because it represents the vile face of those who wish to take control of our secular government.

Michele Bachmann drops out of presidential race by DMRegister

How dare she speak of the military!?! Who was it that sent them to die in an unforgiving land, spilling every last drop of their patriotism on the sands of a nation whom we should have never invaded in the first place!!

The extreme religious right has forgotten the founding principles of the founders by declaring that those same founding principles upon which this union was formed was based on scripture, rather than modern thought and philosophies which precisely sought out to diminish the Church's role in the governance of a nation's people.

They have completely ignored, as all religious zealots do, the lessons taught in those very same scriptures; calling themselves good "Christians" as some neo-Nazis do as well; and have chosen to completely disregard what their savior has specifically outlined in his teachings....I encourage them to reread the book of Mathew, for there are several teachings of their messiah which they have thrown aside in the name of their insane blindness to their own hypocrisies. To understand just what I am talking about, you can reference Mathew 6:1, 5, 19-24, 7:2, 7:4-5, 15:35-38,19:23-24.

Faith is not evil, whether you are a Buddhist, Wiccan, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or adhere to any of the wide assortments of philosophies which are presented by man for man to explain our own ignorance and place within the universe...even if it's atheism or physics.

Believe me when I say, that to be Christian is NOT evil,no more it is to be a Muslim, even though to be Muslim tends to equate being a terrorist among many in our population; I know plenty of Christians who are all too aware that their faith is being abused and trodden upon by the actions of many who wish to use it to, not only control people on a spiritual level, but a political level as well. There are many Christians out there who demand nothing of people while offering only an outstretched hand to those who suffer.

However, organized Churches who demand others to believe as they do without reservations to those people's own faiths are evil; even more so when they try to push those beliefs onto a nation whose government was meant to allow for freedom of religion and to have the church not meddle in its affairs, hence the first amendment to the Constitution of The United States and the subsequent understanding of the function and intent of the Establishment Clause by the Supreme Court.

The religious right DOES NOT stand as a beacon for Christian beliefs within a secular society, but rather, the hypocrites which, Jesus himself, struggled against. Throughout the nation's history, the will of those who preach a perversion of Christianity has infiltrated so deeply into our political structure, that it is only now, when confronted by having no other argument to legitimize their leadership, we see its true colors: a message of greed, intolerance and downright hatred towards any man/woman who disagrees with them.

An example of how Christianity and government have become intertwined is the subject of gay marriage; from a religious point of view, it is up to the various faiths to dictate whether or not to permit such a union under their OWN belief is, however, NOT up to the government to decide whether or not these unions should be permitted, either on a federal or state level. Matter of fact, such a prohibition is unconstitutional and cannot, nor should not be interpreted in any other way. Why? The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII prohibits discrimination by covered employers on the basis of RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX OR NATIONAL ORIGIN.

Therefore, even though the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) bill has not passed Congress, and, though it's been introduced to every congress since 1994 (this bill prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity by civilian and nonreligious employers with at least 15 employees), Government, as an employer, cannot base its decisions on an individual using sex as a justification for hiring or firing of employees. This means the Government has to view each individual in the same light regardless of SEX.

You may say; "But, that deals with employment only and does not cover sexual orientation.", I reply that it is a precedent set by the government with regards to how both the government and employers should view the individual; that, basic rights are NOT to be denied based on anything other than their qualifications, and the love one has for another individual should NOT be judged, criticized nor interpreted in any other light than that of human emotion regardless of sex.

Marriage, as a religious concept, is the joining of a man and a woman, the government has already established that sex should have no basis with regards to the individual's rights and employment, and even though no federal legislation outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation has passed; if a single man or woman has the right to marry anyone whom they choose, then it is obvious that opposition to gay marriage is founded purely on principals other than those found within the constitution and just law.

There is an all pervasive insanity of selective memory among many on the far right; even John McCain, when throwing his support in for Romney, blamed the cause for the economic woes of the United States squarely on the current administration's shoulders! Doesn't anyone remember Bush telling people to "Go Spend"?

The career left wing politician in Washington isn't without blame with regards to adding to the destruction of our government or hindering its evolution; when they controlled both the executive and the legislative branch, they crumbled, they achieved nothing of substance and were obviously more concerned with not pissing off certain interests rather than making a true stand. The farthest they went was a health care bill, and I tell you this now, whether you are conservative or liberal, a $1000 dollar medical bill for a sore throat will have you wishing there was some form of social health care.. and besides, if you have the money then don't go to a free clinic! Also, remember, there are several conservative states which do have some form of social healthcare...such as Texas.

Barak "Make No Mistake" Obama has also blatantly lied to the American people on several occasions, most recently, with the passage of The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, which, due to Title X, Subtitle D "Counter Terrorism"...especially sub-sections 1021 and 1022, only adds to the damage done to the 4th amendment (protection against unreasonable search and seizure) by the Patriot Act by putting the 5th (due process, double jeopardy, self-incrimination and eminent domain) and 6th (trial by jury, rights of the accused) amendment rights in severe peril; he had promised to veto, and let's face it, though I am one of the many who had high hopes for this President, he has proven himself to be no more concerned with justice than the administration preceding him.

"How can you say that?" one may ask. Because, he could have vetoed the bill and by doing so, he could have taking a stance and declared his opposition to certain aspects of the bill. A Republican controlled congress would then have overridden him, which would have left the Obama administration and the democratic party free of all culpability with this horrendous affront to individual rights. But he didn't, did he? So what does that make him?...yet another lackey in the machine, an individual probably more concerned about reelection rather than someone willing to fight against injustices and serve only one term.

This Democrat, the leader of, and still, the most powerful nation on earth, as well as many within his party, has acted in accordance to the archetypical behavior of all politicians who care little about what is right...and I for one, was not at all, surprised. Matter of fact, I had discussed my concern with the passage of NDAA with an Obama supporter not too long ago, and they swore up and down, this was one thing he wouldn't let happen. Once again, he DID let it happen.

And, how those powers outlined in the bill could be used is only limited by one's imagination and a high court's interpretation...what is the purpose of it? If you're into conspiracy theories, you could even say that it has nothing to do with terrorism, but emergency powers to control the domestic populace...did the Arab Spring open more eyes than just those in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria to the true power of a discontented populace?

The tin foil hat wearing paranoid in me has to wonder; was this latest bill, which jeopardizes the freedoms of ALL Americans an act of a government who is worried about a fed up public who may, in turn, form their own popular uprising? Who knows? But, what I do know, is that this country is headed down a road which there may be no returning from.

I find it horrifying that the Congress snap at each other's throats over almost every subject...except this one? They can approve billions upon billions as appropriations to the grim reaper, but not for education, healthcare and ending hunger right on their own fucking doorsteps, and still call themselves good Liberals or Christian!?! That in of itself IS the definition of insanity!

And, I would like to just add, that, while we watched the Occupy movement sweep the United States, then the world, Obama showed only cursory interest in a movement... and that is to be expected seeing that his administration is chock full of Wall Street scum; so don't think he's on your side any more than some Tea-bagger.

I would love to believe that the "founding fathers", if they were alive today, would be appalled by the actions of our government and the two parties which dominate it. But, perhaps this is wishful thinking, the only one who I believe would publically make no bones about his abhorrence with what Washington D.C. has come to represent is Thomas Jefferson...well, again, I'd like to still dream.

So, we know that we have two parties consisting of spineless corporate and/or religious lackeys; politicians intent on a cushy lifestyle and paybacks but not with making a fundamental change to the nation or protecting your freedoms. We should be well aware that a TRUE democratic state may, sooner than we realize, not exist on the face of the earth because, in the end, there really aren't two parties, but rather arms to the political monstrosity which truly governs the United States Of America.

Our Greek and Italian friends have watched as their democratically elected governments were replaced by a group of technocrats in the name of economic salvation; we see central banks gaining more and more control over, not only monetary policy, but domestic and foreign policy as well, we see a world driven by economics and consumerism rather than justice, brotherhood and peace.

The politician's lunacy is quite apparent; with the debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan and hundreds of thousands dead, and the economic drain those conflicts incurred, these fucks are ready to rock n roll Iran; but is it truly just because of a nuclear weapons program or for a not-so-hidden agenda of economic gain and regional re-organization? They are beating the drums of (holy) war yet again, even though a young man like Kevin Sheppard playing ball has clearly showed us that there are still other paths we could easily take.

TEHRAN: The Iran Job! Courtesy of: 'THE IRAN JOB' by Team TEHRRAN

I am not sure if there are any real solutions out there, but I for one, am quite pessimistic, I don't see salvation in "lone wolves" within an established party, but the formation of a third party whose actions are dictated by the political and social needs of its people rather than special interests and based on logic rather than spiritualism....but I have a feeling that such a notion is a pipe dream, that the two parties we have are so goddamned entrenched in government, they'd rather see the total destruction of the nation before allowing a third party rise to provide a bit of checks and balances within the legislative body.

Really, how can true change to the U.S. government be achieved? Will it take an American Mohamed Bouazizi lighting himself on fire in front of Congress? I would never, ever want to see that happen, and besides, the media would paint such an act as that of a madman.

When you get right down to it, maybe the problem lies, not with the greedy bastards in D.C. but with all of us who continue to go shopping at Wal Mart to buy those plasma televisions with money we don't have while turning a blind eye to the reality of the world around us and pointing an accusatory finger towards others. Perhaps, as with the people of empires before us, we have become too comfortable and rather not risk change in the name of forsaking creature comforts; maybe it is easier to hate someone else, rather than to find that common ground which could bring TRUE fundamental change to how we are governed.

Fuck it, until all Americans can come together to camp out in the rain in peaceful protest...we're pretty much screwed.

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