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BAND: Poison Idea
ALBUM: Darby Crash Rides Again:The Early Years
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Val Landrum
Jan 20 2012

Many records have the power to channel a place and time but there are a few that truly define an era. POISON IDEA are unleashed here with 29 tracks of their early material and includes many of the songs that ended up on their uber classic Pick Your King 7" which in my opinion succeeds at being one of those records that can be used to define the time. Collected here are the previously unreleased 1981 Demo Boner's Kitchen, the 1982 Darby Crash Rides Again Demo, a live on the air and uncut radio show from 1983 and outtakes from the Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes sessions.

Abrasive and explosive hardcore punk from back when punk rock simply meant a big "FUCK YOU" to your face. POISON IDEA were pushing the boundaries with manic intensity and speed that was really unheard of in the US at the time. Tight and aggressive, raw and unapologetic, POISON IDEA were the gods of hardcore in the northwest. These tracks have all been remastered by Jack Control (World Burns To Death) at his Enormous Door Studios and sound great while still holding on to the raw and thin production that made it fun the first time. New liner notes with old flyers and rare photos round out this excellent reissue with Southern Lord Recordings doing the CD versions and TKO Records releasing these on vinyl.

Don't think...just react to your chance to get a copy of this classic material!

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