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BAND: Poison Idea
ALBUM: Kings Of Punk (Bloated Edition)
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Fish
Nov 11 2013

Poison Idea band portrait

With an assault of ballistic drumming, accompanied by a furious wall of guitar shredding, POISON IDEA starts right out with the fast paced assault that they became known for shortly after their first few releases in the early '80s. In a brilliant series of revivals, Southern Lord is reissuing now the third remaster from this Portland, Oregon act, which is why the name, "Kings Of Punk" should sound so familiar. "Kings Of Punk" was POISON IDEA's first LP, and one of the main three that I remember really defining what this band meant to the hardcore punk scene when I was growing up. Back now, not only with its original 11 tracks full of the sincere integrity that had always defined POISON IDEA as a band both musically as well as lyrically, this wild ride 2 disc set also includes a bonus 12" of live soundboard recordings from 1984-1986!! Fuck yeah!! And this has been restored and remastered to really give the full experience of power that this album is truly deserving of.

"Lifestyles" kicks this release off with the pure intensity of energetic, lightening fast guitar cuts and drumming that gave them their signature, but followed closely behind by Jerry A.'s notable snarling vocal attacks. "Ugly American" is a bit more mid tempo paced, featuring superior musicianship marked by super catchy riffs, but also carrying with it what has alway defined punk rock for me---a strong lyrical message announcing an unwavering declaration that inequality will not be tolerated. What can I really say except "Kings Of Punk" has always been a gem, and what Southern Lord Records has given it is purely amazing!!

This deluxe jewel cased CD comes loaded with liner notes just to drool over. I always loved when I was a kid putting on a new record and reading all of this stuff!! And, as if I didn't already have your attention, a color poster reproducing the original Pusmort promo poster is included. Did the young punk in me just surface? I think so. Due for its North American release on November 26th, "Kings Of Punk" is a worthy addition to any collection of definitive hardcore music.

POISON IDEA can, of course, be followed on their official Facebook page by fans, but keep in touch with Southern Lord Records to get your hands on this right when it hits the streets!!

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