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BAND: Pile Of Priests
ALBUM: Unholy Death EP
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Brian Brinson
Nov 03 2011

Out of the sleepy and unassuming southeast suburbs of Denver comes one of the most profoundly in-your-face three piece death/thrash metal acts to hit the scene in a long time.

PILE OF PRIESTS have been playing shows now all across the metro area for the last couple of years, but now their fury has been unleashed on their recently released E.P. "Unholy Death", named after their final song on the disc and released on 10/13/2011, is a self produced, 6-track journey through old school thrashy riffs, overlaid by Evan Salvador's smooth deathly growling.

"Burn" delivers the fast, mosh-driven intensity of true thrash, while "Vector" takes you more on a journey across a Nordic battlefield, but their versatility doesn't stop there. "Satanic Ritual" begins with a softly lulling arpeggio before striking mayhem across your senses. Overall, the album truly satiates the thirst for new, raw talent, but leaves me wanting more from these
amazing artists!!

With Evan Salvador on guitar and vocals, Patrick Leyn on bass, and Sean Bartholomew on drums, these young twenty-somethings are ready to take their place among the already well established bands within the Colorado metal archives.

Drawing from influences such as Death, At The Gates, Van Halen, Old Man's Child, Slayer and Dimmu Borgir, these two Denver natives and one Californian transplant. have also recently returned from their first out of state mini tour, beginning to acquire additional exposure for their efforts and add to their already dedicated Mile-High following, and have even shared the stage with such greats as Immolation and Exhumed.

They are sure to turn heads and garner attention in whatever state they play in, and are nowhere near the end of their desire to take their efforts on the road.

PILE OF PRIESTS are able to be contacted for all fan related
correspondence, merchandise, or availability and booking information
either on Facebook, YouTube, Reverbnation, or directly.

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