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BAND: Phoenix Thrash Attack
ALBUM: Various Artists 7"
YEAR: 2011

Coughing Up Records

Written By: Attucks
Oct 04 2011

Thrash does not always mean "thrash metal". Sometimes it means just playing fast. Anthrax as opposed to Cryptic Slaughter. Both thrash but very different sounding. This Phoenix comp is about playing fast for the most part.

The first band on the comp is so fast they bust out three songs in the time it takes the other bands to do one. They are called GET DESTROYED and play ultra power violence mixed with some old school fast core type stuff. Just as a song gets going its over, on to the next one. I figured the whole comp would be this way but it's not.

Bands like GEORGE MOSHINGTON (hilarious name) and THINK FAST break it up with some good ol' punk rock. G.M. reminds me of CHRIST ON A CRUTCH with a pluckier guitar and THINK FAST sounds like they could have been an old Nardcore band and are apparently pretty upset with being straight edge and not getting to hang out in shitty social scenes. Well you don't get to hang out in those scenes because it sucks to try and get your drink on and have fun around grumpy straight edge kids. These two songs help the comp to have a good flow from beginning to end.

SNAGGLETOOTH is just good noisy fastcore where the last band on the comp, VIRGINS are hardcore bud, complete with the heavy breakdowns that make the kids Kung Fu fight in the pit.

LANDMINE MARATHON are the brutal grinders of the comp. I have gotten to see these guys before live and are they always worth checking out. If you like your fast to be more grind with a metallic influence then these guys are right up your alley. If not then CALL THE COPS should suffice, being about as fast as you can go with out entering the world of grind. They remind me a lot of one of my favorite LA bands S.M.D. CALL THE COPS' song is called "I'm not your brah, brah" which brings me back to "Dude, don't call me dude ." ha ha.

Each band has a little square on the inside of the record sleeve to say something. Some bands take advantage of this, most don't. I can't even figure out what the fuck I am looking at for GEORGE MOSHINGTON!?!

I like this comp, like I said it has a good flow and it seems to be all recorded by the same guy so you don't get one loud song, one quite. Super fast jams indeed!

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