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BAND: Pestilential Shadows
ALBUM: Depths
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Brian Brinson
Nov 30 2011

Australia's formidable force of darkness, black metal from down under, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS, is back with their fourth full-length album, "Depths". A very well respected name have already been established for these bringers of the dark light, so for fans of Trve Kvlt, they need no introduction. Sharing talents with members of Nazxul and Austere, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS, who formed in 2003, bring the cold, dark, wet chambers of classic black metal to the stage and to your speakers.

Beginning with "Lost Geists of the Sunlight Sphere", this 8-track, jewel edition disc comes with a lavish 12 page booklet and features original cover art by Njard (Horna), as well as original art/design by Balam of PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS (Austere, Merrimack, Nazxul and Erebus Enthroned). Due for worldwide release December 1st, 2011 on Seance Records, the first 100 copies will even include an exclusive patch! Not only is this album visually aesthetic, but the audible journey is amazingly descriptive of the dark spiritual evolution this band has taken from its raw roots to the presence of malevolent atmospheres today.

"Tribulations of Man" emit the cries of the lost souls condemned to a dark world of misery, echoed by the haunting choirs of a lost, unfound divinity, and the reminders of an existence forlorn. "Architects of the Spear" deliver, first hand the accounts of sorrow with drilling, soul penetrating guitar riffs and dismal vocalizations, drifting through intentional damnation and vengeful infliction, however, the ultimate culmination of plague and shadows defines the artistry behind the conjuration of "Depths" with the final track by the same name. Nearly 25 minutes in length, beginning with a beautiful arpeggio, this final delivery of pestilence is wrought with the ultimate presentation of discord and grief. PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS have made the announcement of the tolling of midnight's bells and the final peals of the trumpets of dark prophecy. "Depths" is certainly a much needed addition to any collection of the grim!!
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