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Written By: Rene
Apr 10 2012

Ah, the news, well as some of you know, we've really cut down this area just to concentrate on the coolest things we come across, gossip and all that junk can be found elsewhere. This, is indeed cool and very's just I've been a bit lazy updating this area and should have had this published a couple weeks ago... sorry about that.

But, this is the deal, Patac Records, the "Purveyors of Metal, Punk and Hardcore Scum" , has just unleashed yet another killer comp!

Without a doubt you know Patac, the guys who bring you some of the gnarliest tunes around...that's right I said GNARLY; rad hasn't been a part of my lexicon since I was in my teens, so deal with it!

Panzerbastard, Rampant Decay, Revilers and more can be found on this seriously ear melting compilation which the Patac crew have been kind enough to give away for free! So why not score it right after you show Patac Records some support by throwing them a like on the devil's book and/or the Kentucky Fried Blue Chicken! It's the least you can do in exchange for some tunes to break the doldrums of the cubicle bound, spreadsheet hell of your job!


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