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BAND: Parasytic
ALBUM: Poison Minds
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 02 2011

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Living outside of the U.S. I get turned onto some sick stuff that most other folks never get a chance to ever hear, on the flipside however, I miss a lot of the kick yer teeth in, bad ass music my fellow thrash heads run into stateside.

Though my Ed In Chief had set up a show for these guys in Denver a while back, I had run into Parasytic via word of mouth, and I gotta tell ya, it seems it is still the best way to find your tunes! The funny thing is, I had already been familiar with at least three members of Parasytic without even knowing it; Nick Poulos via his work with Cannabis Corpse, Erik Larson with Alabama Thunderpussy and Matt Sachs in Behind Enemy Lines! HOLY SHIT!!

Let me just begin by saying that, in my humble opinion, Poison Minds is nothing short of a masterpiece! What is the music of Parasytic like? It's Erik Larson's Hypersonic beats pushing Poulos' crunchy guitars and Matt Sach's thumping bass fronted by Zell's intense vocals wrapped up in a crushing blanket of Virginian metallic crust tailored made for the pit! All must bow down and pay homage!

Parasytic's Poison Minds is just straight up, no holds barred, kick ass power; like a junkie riding on a bullet H-train, I am hooked! This, for lack of better words and putting it into layman terms, IS THE SHIT!

"Ire Of War " immediately sets the law by tearing down a road paved with raging thrash mayhem, there is a brief interlude of popping machine gun rounds before you are swept back up into "Feast Of Fools"...YES!

Songs like "Uprise", "Egregious Blunder", "Poison Minds", "Aspects Of Man" blast into the very foundations of your soul with the same ferocity as the shockwave from a 10.0 quake; in reality, there isn't a track on the album which doesn't throw down!

Man, this is one of those albums where if you close your eyes, some of the tunes could have you believing you are flailing about the pit at Ruthie's Inn back in the day; the forcefulness of the raw energy sweeps you up with the need to mosh! God Fuggin' Damn, Poison Minds is one hella sweet album!

You have to get to know these guys, seek 'em out on the social machine databases, score their music, go to their shows because there is no way in hell Parasytic will let you down! SPREAD THE WORD!!

PARASYTIC - "TV Drug" by RelapseRecords

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