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BAND: Panzer Bastard
ALBUM: Centurio EP
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 15 2011

A four song CD seems like a bit of a waste, but maybe it was released on 7" as well.  I don't know but that seems like it would have made more sense.  But I guess some people don't spin vinyl and therefore would probably prefer a CD.

This is comprised of two originals and two covers, both of the legendary CELTIC FROST.  The originals are sick!  PB are able to blend crusty punk, D-Beat ,hardcore thrash and death metal all together while keeping it fresh with out falling into "retro" or "crossover" trappings.  Think HELLBASTARD and you probably aren't far off.

PB exercise a sort of old school death metal sound with plenty of crusty punk mixed throughout to keep it interesting.  ENTOMBED and DEATH BREATH are both bands that come to mind and of course those two have their relationship.  I think that is a really good description as it's brutal metal with the MOTORHEAD groove that keeps it moving.

The CELTIC FROST covers of 'Usurper' and 'I Wont Dance' are pretty true to the originals as PB isn't so far off from what CELTIC FROST were doing, again there is DISCHARGE punk influence that livens up their takes on these classic jams.

My complaint and the reason I cant give this more than 4 stars is because of the length and the fact that half the CD is covers.  I'd certainly be interested in checking out a full length from this Boston band.

Slaves to the Grave Tour: PanzerBastard by Dann Thombs

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